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The Kindred SpiritLodge

Code of Conduct

I. All Lodgers are to be treated with respect and courtesy. Rudeness and flaming are not allowed.

* Conflicts that arise from public posting may be briefly addressed onlist. Any public expression of disagreement must be grounded in the principles of respect and courtesy cited above.

* Conflicts that cannot be resolved after brief public discussion must then convert to private correspondence between the parties involved.

* Conflicts that cannot be resolved privately should be referred to the Lodgekeepers for mediation.

* A submissive may grant a Domme the authority to act as her Protector in the event of conflict.

* Real names, nicknames or slang address that might be construed as derogatory, such as "honey" or "baby," are not to be used unless specific permission is given. Given the setting, "wench" is acceptable. All Lodgers are responsible for informing others as to their preferred forms of address.

* Warriors wishing to approach a wench or lad sexually for the first time will contact him or her privately to ask permission.

* A wench or lad retains complete and unquestioned power to stop sexual activity whenever they feel unsafe.

II. Criteria for Posting

* The SpiritLodge's main topics are Xena, bdsm, and related areas.

* Spoiler space must be used whenever a post might reveal information about an episode or development some Lodgers might not wish to know.

* Fiction or sexplay containing violence or dark themes must be designated as “Dungeon” posts in the subject line.

* Disclaimers should be used to inform Lodgers of controversial material.

* Subject lines for all posts should be clear and descriptive.

* Personal stories and banter are encouraged.

* No cross-posting is allowed. This means sending the same message to more than one mailing list.

* Posts about other related subjects, such as politics, gay and transgendered life, jokes, other television series, and movies are welcome. They should be designated in the Subject Line as OT, or "off-topic."

* Posts can also take the form of roleplays, smut stories, in-Lodge sexplay, and fiction or poetry related to the Lodge's themes.

* The creation and sharing of images is welcome in the Lodge. Large images must be uploaded to the Kindred Spirit homepage, rather than posted to the mailing list.

* Lodgers can portray more than one character if they wish, as long as they disclose their true identity beforehand.

* Lodgers are encouraged to offer response and feedback to each others' posts.

* Any roleplays, poetry or stories created in the Kindred SpiritLodge will remain in the Lodge archives as long as the mailing list exists. The writing of individual Lodgers remains their personal property as well. If full permission of all writers of a piece is secured, the piece may be archived at other sites.

III. Participation Policy. All Lodgers are asked to post at least once every four weeks. Members who are consistently silent for longer periods will be asked to find lodging elsewhere.

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