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Kit rose, and the circle of Kindred Spirits seated around the storyfire watched her in respectful silence. The eyes of her sisters were friendly, and Kit returned their smiles. Then the beautiful blonde warrior began her story . . .

When they were only twelve, Kit and her twin sister kitty were part of a group of villagers that were captured, and sold into slavery. Kit, the stronger of the two, was very protective of her weaker sister. Kit was the one who always got into trouble, and even when she had not done something, she would take the blame for kitty, because she was weaker. Kit did not think that her sister could survive a beating at their Master's hands.

Then one night, when they were 17, Kit was pulled out of the bed she shared with her sister, and whipped until she passed out. The girl almost died from that whipping, and from that day forward, she promised herself that if she ever got out from under this Master, she would never bow down to another. Kit bore the lash marks from that fateful night for years, and was always embarrassed for anyone to see them.

At age 18, their Master died, and the two sisters were slated to be sold seperately. But a kind man named Lucas bought the two together, and gave them their freedom. Kit was so grateful to Lucas that she asked him to be her teacher, and show her the way of the warrior. Before her training began, Lucas gave her a tattoo on her forearm, of a dagger in a ring of fire. This was to remind Kit that she was not a slave anymore, and that she served no master. At the end of her training, she was given a special dagger by her mentor, which Kit carried in her bracer everywhere where she went.

For the past two years, she has been roaming around the countryside of Greece. Then, a few moons ago, she heard that Lucas had fallen ill, and she went to his side. She was with him when he passed on.

After that, Kit went in search of her sister. She learned that her sister kitty had not been able to live without an owner, and had gone to look for one. She searched for her twin and found her, safe and happy with her new Master. She met two of kitty's friends, Hunter and merryangel -- and the three of them decided to travel together for a while . . .

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