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July 31, 2006 -- The KindredSpirit Lodge website had grown extremely large over the years and this webhost was no longer able to sustain such a huge size, so the Lodge had to relocate.

There won't be any irritating ads over there to contend with!

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Kindred Spirit Lodge

Main Index of Stories and Roleplays

Warning -- Adult Content herein

Lesbian Erotica, Romance, Dungeon, & Alternative Xena Fan Fiction

If you're Not of Legal Age, or of Open Mind, --
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Update July 31st, 2006

Klancy7 has switched Publishers to Bold Strokes Books, a superb Publishing Company.

Her Tristaine Series has gone through extensive rework and has been republished through BSB.
The First 2 Books,
'The Clinic' and 'Battle for Tristaine' can be purchased from
Bella Books and StarCrossed Productions

The 3rd book in the Series, 'Tristaine Rises' will be available within the next several weeks.

The Tristaine Series is a must have -- it's that good!!

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There hasn't been any KSL updates since Sept '05, but the hundreds of stories that are archived here,
are very precious indeed.

July 31, 2006 -- The KindredSpirit Lodge website has moved to it's own home now.
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(Stories Listed Alphabetically by Bards, are listed right below here)

 If you're enjoying the fabulous writings of our talented bards, then please give them a tap and let them know.  Feedback can boost the spirit and help ignite creativity.  Thank you!

 Stories Alphabetically by Authors

Ally's  Index Many Story Threads   August 2004

Amber - Index   16 Parts, (thread is with Freya's)  March 2nd, 2002

Aria -  Index    August 2004

Dj - Going Back    Short Story, April 22nd, 2001 - Redone Nov 25th, 2001
Dj & Nessa - The Dark Corridor 
2 Part Story  Jan 21st, 2002
Dj, Ally, Nessa, sarah & Killian - Keeper of the Souls  3 parts Jan 11th

Dory & stacia - Upstairs  3 Parts, Story Complete Dec 11th, 2001
Dory & Kit - ToyMaster's Demonstration   Complete Feb 13th, 2002

Freya - Index  20 parts, (thread is with Amber's)   March 2nd, 2002

Heron - Fan Fiction Index   17 Stories, Xena, Uber & Dark Smut March 4th, 2002

Hunter, Kit & MerryAngel - Index   19 Parts, Jan 30th, 2002

Ikarias - Index   7 Stories  April 19th, 2003

Jan/Fae  -  Index  4 Stories  March 12th, 2003

Mistress Judah - Index  1 Story  Oct 13th, 2002

Kaie - Index  7 stories, June 2004

Killian - Index   11 Stories  (Caitlin's Chronicles)  April 19th, 2003

Kit/kitty -  Index  14 stories  August 13th, 2002

Klancy & Aria   Index    5 Stories, June 18th, 2002
Klancy7 - Xena Fan Fiction Index 
Klancy's Collected Smut!  April 17th
Klancy - Warriors In Need   Xena  November 15th, 2001
Klancy -Never Too Lightly  
Xena  Story Complete
Klancy7's  Cartoonie Corner!  
4 Drawings  Jan 29th, 2002

Lord Keyen's - Index  1 story, August, 2005

MerryAngel - Index  6 Stories, Xena  August, 2005
MerryAngel - Drawings Gallery   6 Xena Drawings  Jan 7th, 2002

Nessa - Index   Tons of Stories! Many Dark Dungeon Romps!  June 2004

Picifico - Index  3 stories, August, 2004

Rider's - Index  6 stories, August, 2005

Robyn - Index   4 Part Ongoing Story, Uber Xena & Gab   June 30th, 2002

sarah - Index    August 2004

Savay - Index  2 Stories, Complete,  July 17th, 2002

Scáth  - Index    August 29th, 2004

Shasa - Index   Some Dungeon, 16 Stories, (The Quest)  Feb 3rd, 2003

Sirius  - Index   Dungeon!  August 2004

Tris - Index   March 30th, 2002

Twilight - Historical Ponderings Section   April 28th, 2002

WarriorJudge - Index   August 29th, 2004


#3 -  Saturday Night  5 Parts, RP is Complete   September 2001
#4 -  Moonlight Becomes You    9 Parts, RP is Complete  
#5 -  Night Rage  Xena  Oct 6th - 5 Parts written so far - those are Done
#6 -  The Sorceress  Nov 3rd - 14 Parts RP is Complete Nov 19th, 2001
#7 -
 The Challenge  RP is Complete, 7 Parts, Jan 5th, 2002
#8 -  Building the Lodge  3 Parts    Jan 5th, 2002
#9 -  Homecoming  5 Parts Complete Feb 3rd, 2002
#10- Tantalas   March 13th, 2002
#11-  Sacred Stone   June 2002

Meet The Kindred Spirit Warriors and wenches!

Lodgers Bio's
Shasa, Dory, Klancy7, Lord Nessa, Hallvor, Alison, Kit, Ikarias, killian & dj

 Klancy7's Cartoonie Corner!

Slideshow Gallery Viewing
#1 - The SpiritKeepers   
 Jan 3rd, 2002
#2 - The Founders of the Kindred Spirit Lodge   
Jan 7th
#3 - Benediction    Jan 26th
#4 - Amber's Forgiven  Jan 29th

MerryAngel's Gallery!    

Gallery has 6 Xena & Gabrielle Drawings -    Jan 7th


Lodgers Bio's  

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