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The Sistren of the Kindred Spirit Lodge

Our Salacious Submissives and Witchy Wenches:

Dagger, spirited damsel of great loyalty and charm

Rach, honored lurker and stalwart supporter of her Kindred sistren, the Lodge's still photographer and avid sportsfan. Goeth Ducks!

Sarah, wench to Sirius, spicy Aussie spinner of scintillating smut

Merryangel, award-winning video artist and singer of sensual stories

Cat, shy and curious feral catgirl, inhabitant of the nearby woods

Fawn, Native American healer, huntress, and holy woman on a quest for her people

Scath, a very lost neried that is now bound to Lord Sirius and attempting to figure out humans

kallissas, a quiet new addition to the Lodge who is often found at her place near the fire, scratching away with quill on parchment. The Lady Alison is her Protector

Lodgers who explore the roles of both

Warrior and wench :

DiversityJay, Lodge Historian, Archivist, and Technical Wench

Lady Alison, Butchest femme in the Lodge, talented wordsmith

Lady Aria, Sister to all, luscious and lascivious lover to a highly select few, yet uniquely one of a kind

Lady Elsbeth, warm-hearted lover to those she desires and cares for. Keen protector to those in danger. A darkness lurks inside her from events unknown to all but her

Sammie, Deaf Warrior of The Hidden Lands , sent to the Kindred Spirit Lodge by her Queen in hope she may find the answer to her dark heritage and escape the madness of her Father's bloodline. Is extremely loyal and protective of family and friends

Lady Deni, resident imp and tease. Both healer and seer, but a dark side exists for such gifts. A warrior who desperately struggles to understand the need to submit to a select few

thistle, warrior and poet. She found her way to the Lodge as if guided by unknown forces. Lover of all animals and talented hunter. Tends the duties of the barn and care-giver to all horses and tack. Has recently been discovering her more dominant side and getting in touch with her inner self. Also the sometimes-lover of the ever-teasing Lady Deni.

Mercy, a lovely lady with many hidden skills who has come to the Lodge to escape her past. Sweet and submissive... Except when she's not.

Dashing Dommes and Wicked Warriors:

Lord Sirius, Warrior of Sarah, talented smutmonger

Klancy7, the Courtly Butch. Deeply desired by every woman who draws breath

Ikarias Half-Dragon, combining the best of scales and flesh, her intricate labrys always at the ready to defend the Lodge

Rider, a master trainer of horses, there is a Beast that lurks beneath Rider's charm

Aracina, Warrior, Hunter of predators and Seeker of knowledge

Jasper, loyal, luscious. A practicing wordsmith. Kin to Oisin, Defender of Mercy

Oisin, a wandering Bard and exiled Warrior, visiting her cousin Jasper at the Lodge

Companion Animals of the Spirit Lodge:

Kirby Warrior Westie, Klancy7's sidekick

Bracken, Klancy7's scruffy mustang

Asher, a huge grey ornery Percheron studmuffin who carries Ikarias out and about

Wind Walker, a white Arabian stallion that is Rider's main mount

Lucky, a large black attack dog in appearance who acts as a hearing dog to Sammie. There are those who do not believe she is really a dog. She has an odd sense of humor and is a underwear, food, beer and ale thief

Porky, Oisin's horse. So called cos he fucks pigs

Kooy, a huge white spectral arctic wolf. She materializes to aid and guide Fawn from time to time and is a playful companion. When sent by Great Spirit she is all business

Tinga is Fawn's generally placid chestnut mare

Ashes, Jasper's faithful but sometimes ornery steed

Mallas, a blank panther, thistle's trusted companion

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